Friday, October 09, 2009

Research Project

A graduate student and I are working on a videogame experience survey, called the Videogame Experiences Questionnaire or VEQ. Basically we are interested in understanding a few things about people's frequency, preferences and self-reported affects on their lives. We will see if this can be broken down into several factors, which could make it useful to compare to other psychological experiences. Our first article will come out in a professional journal soon. This scale is a revision of the initial attempt.

Survey Gizmo is a very good site for creating and collecting surveys. It is especially good for graduate students. It has a number of powerful features and allows graduate students a number of perks that are usually contained in the for-fee services.

UPDATE: I've changed the picture of the Logo in favor of the one we decided upon. After mocking up a few logos, we got some opinions from various people and settled in this.