Sunday, May 03, 2009

Tenure and Promotion!

The good news came on April 30, although I had already left the office. So the envelope was sitting in my mailbox when I came in to the office on Friday May 1. It's nice that the news is in all caps to begin the letter. The process of putting together the dossier takes quite a bit of time, since you have to account for and justify your work in enough detail so that people who know very little about you will get a good sense of your work. It also helps to organize the dossier, so that people will know where to find everything they are looking for. I turned in the whole thing very early in the Fall semester and then simply have to wait as it makes it through all the committees at the university for the tenure process.

I'm very happy to say the least but am also not quite sure what to feel in some ways. There are other mountains to climb, but this is putting a big goal behind me. I will be directing the doctoral program, so there are many goals I have for that. I also want to produce more scholarship, a lot of which is in the works. I have a busy summer, so I can't just rest on my laurels, but I am going to be celebrating in various little ways.

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