Saturday, July 12, 2008

Elvis, Elvis, and More Elvis

I took a break from grading and head out to the Michigan Elvis Festival. Held right here in Yspilanti, it's a tribute venue to the King. They include some other impersonators too, such as a Beatles group, Roy Orbison impersonator and a Tom Jones act. There are about as many variations on Elvis as one would see with Jesus (check out the book American Jesus: How the son of God became a National Icon by Stephen Prothro. The book shows the incredible variety of Jesus depictions and uses in american culture).

The guys are pretty talented, and they take it all in good fun. Just as in Vegas, ladies are begging for Elvis scarves, so every Elvis comes loaded for bear with scarves. We had thunderstorms earlier in the day, but they cleared up by early afternoon when things got rolling. The organizers do a good job. As soon as one act departs the stage, another is waiting to come out. so there are o real lulls. I hadn't been before, and I had a eye-rolling reaction to it in the past. But it was actually a good time. The Elvii all had a pretty good sense of humor about what they do. The gang of Elvii came on stage together for a candlelight salute to Elvis.

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