Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Out at the old Ballgame

We caught the Binghamton Mets over the Memorial Day weekend. It was a beautiful day at the ballpark, although the results of the game were not so hot for the hometown boys. Extremely poor base running doomed the Mets to simply make it exciting at the end. Twice players got thrown out at home in early innings, as the players looked like they did not quite understand that running fast is often highly desirable in baseball when someone is trying to throw you out. Another guy was thrown out at first because he didn't even try to run to the base despite having hit a ball the third baseman couldn't field properly. At the end with two on and two outs, a B-Met lined out to center field that was just a hair from being an extra base hit. But the beer and peanuts were great. And we stayed for the fireworks afterward. The funny blue creature is "Ballwinkle". I know... don't ask.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jones Park Vestal, NY

I made my way over to see my grad school friends, Art and Mike, over in Vestal, NY for the Memorial Day holiday. I'll run a few photos from activities. This is from the walk in a wooded park near (or in) Vestal. It is a great trail, one that it looks like not too many folks take. We ran across some mountain bikers but that was pretty much it. And we got in a great conversation about the merits of various psychological tests, not exactly a stem-winder for some folks, but it worked for us for a while.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Graduation Day at UDM

It was a really beautiful day for graduation. This is the kind of day graduations should be like. I hooded my first doctoral student, i.e., dissertation chairs put on the academic regalia of their advisees at the graduation ceremony. After the ceremonies in Calihan Hall, there was a reception in the Fisher Fountain area. The photos are of students and faculty at UDM.