Saturday, March 29, 2008

UDM Research and Poster Fair 2008

Harold Greene, Ph.D. and I will present a poster of our research on the Rorschach and visual information processing at UDM in a couple of weeks. We are working on the article to submit to a journal. I think we have some nice findings from this first study. We have been able to correlate certain characteristics of the blots to different aspects of the eye movement process. The writing up of this is fairly tedious in some ways, because there are a lot of results being presented and a lot of details to keep track of. I hope to send off the paper by the end of the semester.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bargains Don't Last Long

Well the book is now back up to about $40 bucks on Amazon, so perhaps this is a sign that the housing crisis is almost over or any other non sequitor I can think of. It started gliding back up a week or two ago. I've been too busy to do much, if any, blogging. The semester heads into the stretch run soon. I'll be submitting a grant proposal for more research and hope to fund a portable projector, so I can take it on the road and use it for running subjects. The storyboarding is underway for the next two video, and we hope to shoot sometime in May. I've created some mock blots to use as graphics for the video. This one was converted to B/W and then with a sepia overtone.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Does it get any better than this?

Tantalizing Times is now 80% off, selling for $14.19. Surely the masses will sweep in any minute to scoop up this great deal :>).

Going Back to the Drawing Board...

Creating a reliable shark repellent has been the dream of many. The latest device, called Shark Shield, is supposed to attach to surfboards and such in an effort to keep those pesky sharks away. Well, the test phase went well right up until a great white shark ate it.

h/t: Gizmodo

Making Blots

One of the reasons I've been too busy to blog is that I'm preparing another instructional video. This one will cover Rorschach administration. In addition to putting the storyboard together, I created some images to use for the video transitions. Wary of using the real blots due to copyright/permission issues, I have made some of my own. I experimented with different kinds of media, including children's paint, watercolors, as well as... that's right, ink. Each has its own virtues, but the ink gets closer to the originals in look and in spirit, which after all were in ink. Still getting the right paper is a challenge, since it has to be folded in half and you want to keep the ink from bleeding through the paper. This is a sheet of several that I made, a bit like the scoring sheet for the Rorschach.