Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Second Printing

My book has now goen to a second printing. Yeah! I didn't get too excited, as it is not because of overwhelming sales. The publisher needs to replenish its stocks. So, I figure that it has been distributed at a variety of bookstores, and they are running low at the publisher. Still, it's better to have a second printing than not to have a second printing. The publisher didn't give me a lot of time to look it over though. They had made a mistake in the original by misprinting the Greek text that I used in a few places. They have corrected that and let me look that over. I wasn't given enough time to fix my errors, however.

My cousin Greg had found a bunch of errors dotted over the course of the book, usually punctuation problems and the like. Nothing terribly egregious, but it added up. I have now had the opportunity to fix these mistakes. The publishing representative said I could send her that when I finished and they would incorporate them into the thrid printing, providing that each page corrected begins and ends with the same words as the original. She sounded optimistic about a third printing, but I've got to find some classes to use this as a textbook, or the copies will really start gathering dust at this price. I asked about going to paperback, but no dice. I would need to guarantee that 75 would be purchased in order to do that.

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