Sunday, August 05, 2007

Finaly Solving a puzzle

Off and on for a few months I have tried to make the presentation software Keynote do what it is advertised to do, namely easily export into a Flash presentation. The problem was the audio portions of the slides would not export to Flash. So after doing a lot of work to make a Flash presentation, I had bupkus. The type of audio files simply wouldn't export. After trying a variety of solutions, I stumbled upon success today. The answer was buried in changing something in the preferences (which is why the correct option never showed up in any of the menus). Voila, success. In some ways it is a little thing, but this will make a lot of other things possible, and fairly easily. What a relief to finally solve one of those never ending vexing technical problems of modern living, only to wait for the next one. But for now, I can smoke a cigar.

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