Sunday, July 15, 2007

Basic Motorcycle Riding

Well, I passed my Basic Motorcycle Riding Course and can head to the Secretary of State's office to take the written test and get a motorcycle endorsement on my license. Considering that I don't quickly learn new activities that require this kind of coordination, I felt pretty good about passing. Apparently one third of people who take the course don't pass it. Many of the "lessons" are similar to riding a bicycle, which I do every year. This year there was no MS ride for me, as I decided not to ride the MS after so many of the crew were not going to be doing it this year. Instead I took this course which ran the same weekend. Of course, riding a bicycle means all of your acceleration comes from your legs and all of your braking and shifting comes from your hands. With a motorcycle, acceleration comes from your hands, shifting is a comination of hands and feet and braking is a combination of hands and feet. Same goals, different means of executing them. I bought the bike from a priest at UDM. I have to get the title transferred and then pass the test. Then I can get insurance for the motorcycle and register it. Pictures when they become available.

The pictures above are mostly of other riders taking the range test for the course. My group went later in the day, so I got to observe them working on their test.

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