Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Since the Spring I have been involved in planning and creating an instructional video for an intelligence test. The video is simply an in-house affair to be used in training our students. We'll be able to put the video up on the secure server for the class, and students can watch the video online as an aid to learning how to administer the test. It's actually quite an involved project. We have had to break every aspect of the testing into its components and figure out how it should look inorder. I have been working with the folks from the Instructional Design Studio at UDM. Simply known as IDS, these folks help the faculty to integrate variou sforms of technology into teaching. The idea is to make the process useful and actually benefit education and not merely "bells and whistles". Today I brought some images over to IDS. We have already shot the footage, and I have done the voiceovers. They are editing the digital video. I plan to use it this semester. It has been a great learning experience to "direct" this video, and better understand how vidoe and films are put together.

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