Sunday, June 17, 2007

Trip to the Pacific

On the day of retreats, some of our group in the meditation retreat advanced to the shores of the Pacific at the end of the day. Led by our leader Dennis who rented a van, this motley crew headed for the beach. Fortunately, I brought my camera along to record this auspicious event. We walked around the beach for a while, taking pictures and taking in the sights. We then made our way to a Thai restaurant nearby and then back to the beach for a final look-see. It was a great side trip, as we chatted about the big and the small. Although the water was cold, it wasn't intolerable to walk in (though no swinwuits for this crowd). It was wonderful to look out onto the great expanse of the ocean for while, a more tangible way to ponder infinity and to fill the senses.

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