Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A quick way to blow 20 bucks

Art, Bernie & I went to Tioga Downs to check out the gaming. As we enter the racino and move into the slot machine area, there is a loud, somewhat high pitched white noise in the room. It is the sound of the electronic slot machines "spinning". Well they don't actually spin, as it is a screen, but it is made to look like it is spinning, complete with sound effects. The place is unbelievably crowded. It was actually hard to find an open machine. Twice I pluck down some money and begin to spin. Within minutes, I exhaust my self imposed limit with nothing but a faint humming noise in my ears to show for it. Art and Bernie wisely declined to gamble, perceiving no joy in this automoton-like activity. But they got to see what the place looked like and can scratch at least one thing off the old to-do list.

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