Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Good Review

I got positive reviews from my chair and Dean for the 2nd year faculty probationary review. All newer faculty go through a probationary review process (1st & 2nd year). The review process is earlier in the year than for everyone else (Jan 15) as opposed to May. This review has been very good, and it looks like they'll keep me around a bit longer. Next year (if it becomes official), the review process should take place at end of academic year. So far so good on the tenure track. but there's lots of time to go. I should hear officially, one way or other, in a few weeks.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Geaux Saints Geaux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Jerry and Karen came over to watch our New Orleans Saints. A rarity to see the Saints in the playoffs, let alone having a good chance to win. A great game for the home team, although they have to watch those big plays. I hope this brings some cheer to the hearts of beleagured Orleanians. The Saints in the Super Bowl would be so great for the morale of the town. They have to get through Da Bears, but stranger things have happened.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bond is Back

Art, Bernie & I saw the new Bond movie Casino Royale. Wow...this was a great holiday movie to see. The action was intense, the dialogue was witty, the plot was complex, and Daniel Craig is a great Bond. Gone is the campiness, as well as much of the sanitized quality of most contemporary Bonds. This was quite a brutal movie in many ways, but one that was very effecting. The graphic quality of the movie is played for strong effect. But this was a very smart movie that did not condescend to the audience. It was very much a grown-up movie for grown-ups. I now must try a Vesper. Bond falls in love but won't make that mistake again.

A quick way to blow 20 bucks

Art, Bernie & I went to Tioga Downs to check out the gaming. As we enter the racino and move into the slot machine area, there is a loud, somewhat high pitched white noise in the room. It is the sound of the electronic slot machines "spinning". Well they don't actually spin, as it is a screen, but it is made to look like it is spinning, complete with sound effects. The place is unbelievably crowded. It was actually hard to find an open machine. Twice I pluck down some money and begin to spin. Within minutes, I exhaust my self imposed limit with nothing but a faint humming noise in my ears to show for it. Art and Bernie wisely declined to gamble, perceiving no joy in this automoton-like activity. But they got to see what the place looked like and can scratch at least one thing off the old to-do list.