Monday, December 11, 2006

Light it up

I've put up the holiday lights in the last couple of weeks to cheer things up. Not many folks have lights up this year, or I'm just early. I wanted to put them up before it got too cold, but the last few days have been warmer than usual. The pictures I took came out basically rotten as I didn't have a tripod to steady things, and the exposure is long.

I'll be heading to New Orleans on Christmas Eve and make my way back here later that week before I head out to Binghampton to see Art & Bernadette. The semester is almost over, as I make my final push. If I can grade everything by Thursday (my optimistic plan), then I won't have that kind of stuff hanging over my head, and I can go onto the longer term projects. Or hang out. Either way it will be a good change of pace from the grind of the end of the semester.

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