Friday, December 29, 2006

Who's that knocking? Part Deux

Well, it happened again. This time someone high on something was banging at my door around 3:45 am or there abouts. She...and yes it was a she... was pounding on my back door. I was so disoriented when I woke up, I went to the front of the house, opened an upstairs window and shouted. Then I realized the person was pounding on my back door. So around the back I go. She backs away from the door and comes into view briefly after I shouted to get out of here. I couldn't tell at first if it be man or woman, though I thought woman. She said ok but she wanted to get her partner. It was clear she was high as a kite (my guess is heroin or possibly acid based on the way she acted). She was slighty responsive but did not act the way most anyone would when caught at something like this.

I got the phone and dialed 9-1-1. The operator was sking me questions, especially if I got a look at the person. I wasn't sure whether she was man or woman, so I shouted out again, telling her to leave and telling her the police were on their way. She just kept pounding away. When the police got here, they came to front door and I sent them around to back. I could see that she was initially unresponsive when they told her to step down off the porch. They arrested her, asked my if I knew her ("no"), got my name and number. They carted her off. I hope she isn't released soon, as we have had an overcrowding situation in the county jail, and a lot of folks have been released shortly after arrest, if the crime is non violent.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Off to Vestal

Back from New Orleans and now onto upstate New York. New Orleans was grand, especially the dinner at Arnaud's, ahhh yes champagne and bananas Foster are a good way to begin and end a meal. Greg was off to London the day after Christmas (lucky bastard). However, my after Christmas time will be a blast, as usual to see Arthur and Bernadette. I don't think we'll get much snow this year, but we'll find ways to keep ourselves occupied. Next year is Miami as we swoop down on Michael. But for now, the 8+ hour car trip awaits me. I have my ipod set for about 4+ hours of music and will listen to other stuff when I tire of that or run through it.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Off to New Orleans

I'll be heading to New Orleans for a few days over Christmas. I'll leave the 24th and get back on Thusday the 28th. I'll see what's up with some family and friends. Christmas Eve will be at Arnaud's. I'll get in mid afternoon and wrap the presents I had shipped by Amzon to my mother's house-a new holiday tradition I suppose, but it sure beats carrying things or actually shopping on Christmas Eve as some friends and I have done, especially during the grad school years.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Light it up

I've put up the holiday lights in the last couple of weeks to cheer things up. Not many folks have lights up this year, or I'm just early. I wanted to put them up before it got too cold, but the last few days have been warmer than usual. The pictures I took came out basically rotten as I didn't have a tripod to steady things, and the exposure is long.

I'll be heading to New Orleans on Christmas Eve and make my way back here later that week before I head out to Binghampton to see Art & Bernadette. The semester is almost over, as I make my final push. If I can grade everything by Thursday (my optimistic plan), then I won't have that kind of stuff hanging over my head, and I can go onto the longer term projects. Or hang out. Either way it will be a good change of pace from the grind of the end of the semester.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Shadow Art Fair

A leisurely Friday night at the Ypsilanti Shadow Art Fair. As Ann Arbor prepares for the winter art fair (and we all know it's the important place around here), Ypsilanti does what it can to pluck debris from the whale. Well, actually we are into our own thing, and Ypsilanti is now becoming the cool place to be as Ann Arbor becomes increasingly gentrified and staid. I picked up this little piece (above) and had a beer at the Corner Brewery. Music and lots of funky folks selling their artsy wares. At least we could beat the winter storm that was supposed to descend upon us (but actually never did).