Sunday, November 05, 2006

What Will I Return To?

I'm not sure what I'll be coming back to. I arrived home Wednesday night (Nov 1) at 10 PM. As I go to feed Penelope, I see a brown furry creature on the counter wedged in between the wall and the crockpot---a squirrel. I called Critter Control to see if they could send someone out. After waiting for the return call, they tell me they can't send anyone out. OK. So I try to create a sort of funnel system from the kitchen to the front door. I block off the avenues to the stairs and basement as best I can. I line up boxes and furniture. Out comes the broom. Swoosh. The squirrel hops off the counter onto the floor, sliding all over the place since it can't get a grip on the wonderful, slippery Pergo flooring. It bounds into the dining room. I am on the chase. I steer it toward the open door. However, it tries to veer upstairs instead. No luck, so it runs all the way back into the kitchen and crawls into the space around the pots.

Round two. I try to arrange things even better. If I could have put neon nights guiding the sucker out the door, I would have. I chase it out and the same situation happens. It will not take a left and go out the door and instead takes a right into the stuff I'm blocking off the stairs with. I swat around several times. In the commotion I lose sight of it. I gradually move everything I have placed around and no squirrel. I think it must have gone out the door. I set the house in order.

A bit later I spot it. Oh crap. It's well after midnight, I have to bring Penelope to the vet at 8:15 am to board her and then catch a plane to California. I try again, but it goes somewhere into hiding. I don't hear it at all for the rest of the night or next morning. I got to sleep about 3 am.

So, what will the house look like when I return?

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