Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Monty Ending

Well, the little bugger was pushing up daisies when I got home. He had gotten around the downstairs a bit, but didn't really do much damage. A pop can was knocked over and a couple of candles. It had gotten all around the sink and stove. Dirty little squirrel footprints all around. No sign of him upstairs.

So I headed to the basement, and there he is or was---keeled over in the laundry basket (of what were once clean clothes). A quick trip outside, and the stiff is gone. I guess he couldn't find the way out from whence he came and also couldn't find any water (althugh it could have checked the toilet in the basement which was nearly impossible to block off) or food. He tried to get into some of the spices and tried to open a package of muffin mix, but all for naught. May he rest in peace.

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