Saturday, August 19, 2006

Small Town America

The Ypsilanti Heritage Festival is in full swing today. All across america are similar festivals and fairs around this time of the year. The weather is overcast, and it rained earlier. That has probably put a damper on attendance. I had my haircut this morning, and I asked my stylist, Tanya, if she and her family were going. She said probably not because of the rain. I said that when her daughter Cassandra (a few months old) grow up, she's going to ask why didn't she get to go to the Ypsilanti heritage Festival. Tanya said she'd lie and tell her she went. But, of course.

There is a lot of stuff to be had at these fairs, most of it is junk to me, but a treasure or interesting to someone else. It is enjoyable to see folks out. I stopped by the Ypsi Freighthouse and ran into the Leslie, wife of Bombadill's proprietor Peter Reinhart. She talked me into buying raffle tickets (it wasn't a hard sell). There I learned that Ypsilanti used to have a spring water company named Atlantis. How fitting as tha ties into my book.

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