Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Post Convention

Not as many pictures as I hoped. New Orleans was certainly hot as hell and walking between the Division 39 Hotel (see picture) and the Convention Cneter set new records for sweat accumulation. The panel with Brent Slife, Ph.D., Drew Westen, Ph.D. and Stephen Hollon, Ph.D. went very well. Star Wars emerged as a theme as Hollon expressed that he was worried he's be seen as Darth Vader for his interest in RCT, while Drew referred to Brent as Luke Skywalker. I offered that we would take a poll to figure out which character Drew was (given the political slant to his presentation). The interchange among the panelists was quite good, and I received a number of thank yous from various attendees.

The Convention did not seem crowded, although I do not know the official numbers yet. I believe the worry about hurricanes probably scared off a number of folks. The board meetings I ran were also lightly attended, as is usual for the APA (we do most of our business at the Spring Meetings).

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