Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Belated MS 150 Report

Well, the MS 150 has come and gone this year. It was a beautiful couple of days, with virtually cloudless skies except for early morning on Sunday. The whole team took off together on Saturday morning around 8 AM, but we got separated fairly quickly. Dennis and I decided to do a century on Saturday. The decision was made for the most part early in the day, although we had some lingering doubt until we turned down the loop.

Both days the temps were in the high 90s. On the century loop, I was regretting my decision. I was well hydrated, but could not dissipate the heat. It felt a bit surreal for a while. After we finished the century loop and got back onto the rest ot the trail, I was able to recover to some degree through the miracle of ice (in a latex glove with a little water). That brought me back. The century took a lot out of me, because on Day 2 I was not so perky on the latter part of the trip.

It was fun thought as we hung out in Lansing and after we all got back. Here are some of the pics from before and after. I was too tired to take pictures after we got into Lansing. My pledgers can be proud of the effort. I had a decent average for the 175 miles, about 15.6 mph. Not bad but not stellar. Last year I was at 17 mph for the 150 miles, but the temps were no where near as vicious as this year.

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