Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hey, Julie. Art is not a Bottom-Feeding Opportunist...

...he's just feeding!!!!!

Another fun time in Binghamptom (or Vestal, actually) with Art and Bernadette. The photo montage conveys the basics of our activities for the weekend---Eating!!!! And to think that I forgot to take a picture of the ice cream place.

At least the lawn ornament kept busy. It was a great trip and the leisurely pace on Saturday really hit the spot. The weather was fantastic. Thanks again, Art & Bernie.

Even John from Binghampton might take a break from uncovering the waste of tax payer money to enjoy the day.


Anonymous said...

Barry, Thanks for making the long trip to Vestal to visit us for Memorial Day. Lots of great conversation, as always. Congratulations again on your book! We are still talking about it! -Art

Barry Dauphin said...

Great to visit. Tell everyone about the book :>).